Who We Are

Former practitioners and executives who have excelled in their fields. Consummate professionals and leaders who are passionate at what we do. We have been in your shoes. We understand the challenges you face daily in the areas of customer interaction, technology, culture, team dynamics, metrics, financials, and bench-strength in your organization. As the economy evolves and the world comes together, your customers are demanding more from you every day. Competition is increasingly fierce. There is a lot of pressure to perform. You have quarterly and annual Goals & Objectives to meet. You want your teams to win. And, we want you to win.

Let us simplify it for you. Let us get you re-focused on the things that matter to you the most. Click here to connect with us.


Our Vision

Capien’s view of the future includes a world where decisions are made faster and actions (or lack there of) are increasingly consequential. It may be shocking for you to hear that we believe the current ethos of consensus decision-making will fade and morph overtime. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have the effect of clustering and compartmentalizing decision-making because of the inevitable requirement of speed. Overtime, decisions will be made and actions will be taken by fewer number of people. This outlook teaches us that while the amount of data created continues to see explosive growth, the number of decisions made by humans will continue to decline. This vision instructs us of the need for organizations to develop the capacity to objectively collapse, otherwise ballooning amount of data, and deliver actionable information to increasingly fewer decision-makers. As a Research and Advisory partner, Capien has positioned itself as a subject-matter-expert in the respective practice areas to ensure executives are in a position to learn quickly and make the right decisions today. Click here to connect with us.

Our vision of how AI will impact the future does acknowledge the fact that organizations and communities will continue to make choices in how fast they evolve. Specialization will rule. This introduces a series of challenges such as finding talent. Capien has positioned itself to be right at the nexus between talent and technology. What this means is that jobs have to be further refined, talent has to be discovered, and a whole population has to be re-educated. Yes, we will also witness a spike in entrepreneurship too.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help solve problems for our clients. We do this by performing proactive and reactive research. We lead clients to solutions that are instantaneously actionable. Click here to connect with us.