Capien - Contact Center Operations Practice

Introducing Capien - Deeper Insights from the Experts.

There is a lot to be said of paradigms. For centuries, the skills world was divided into three – direct, outsourced or consulting. In direct, organizations manufactured and serviced their own products. Over the years, they started outsourcing. This involved the assimilation of contractors into the production mix, which meant making some of the work efforts available to parties that are outside of the four walls of the organization. Progressively, they started hiring consultants for specialized skills. Seeing potentials to expand offerings, consulting firms sharpened their approach, expanding and deepening their engagements. There is now a new player taking on an increasingly more common fourth role in the economy – an Advisor.

Based in the United States, Capien is a multi-disciplinary firm that supports organizations - private, public and non-profit - in Research & Advisory. Our advisors are experts in their respective fields demonstrating highly developed business and organizational acumen. They possess years of direct experience as well as documented accomplishments. They represent diverse industries and are exemplary in their ability to think on their feet and identify actionable solutions fast.

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